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  • DECREE nr. 11 from  December 28th  1989 Concerns the Ministry for Ground Water, Forests and the Environment;
  • LAW   nr. 6 from January 25th  1991 For Romanian adherence to the Basel Convention concerning transportation and elimination of dangerous waste across borders;
  • LAW nr. 98 from September 16th  1992 For ratification of the Convention concerning Black Sea protection against pollution, signed at Bucharest on April 21st 1992;
  • LAW   nr. 13 from March 11th  1993 For Romanian adherence to the Convention concerning wild life and natural habitation preservation in Europe, adopted at Bern on September 19th 1979;
  • LAW   nr. 82 from November 20th 1993 Concerning the foundation of “Danube Delta” Biosphere Reservation;
  • RESOLUTION   nr. 248 from May 27th 1994 For measures enactment concerning Law nr. 82/1993 implementation regarding foundation “Danube Delta” Biosphere;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 525 from June 27th 1996 (*republished*) For General Urban Regulation (town planning) approval;
  • LAW nr. 111 from October 10th 1996 (*republished *)(**updated**) Concerning safe operation, regulation, authorisation and nuclear activities control***) (updated on May 23rd 2006*);
  • RESOLUTION nr. 172 from  May 5th 1997 For the National Register of Chemical Potential Toxic Substances foundation and approval of organisational and activity rules;
  • LAW nr. 13 from January 8th 1998 For Romanian adherence to the convention regarding preservation of wild animal migration species, adopted at Bonn on June 23rd 1979;
  • REGULATION nr. 96 from August 27th 1998 (*republished *)(** updated **) Concerning the settlement of the forestry system and National Forestry Fund administration
    (Updated on May 21st 2006**);
  • ORDER nr. 264 from March 26th 1999 Approval of the technical forestry management concerning forest vegetation management of forests on territory outside of the national forestry fund;
  • LAW nr. 89 from May 10th 2000 For ratification of the agreement concerning the preservation of African-Euro-Asiatic migratory water birds, adopted at The Hague on June 16th 1995; 
  • EMERGENCY REGULATION nr. 236 from November 24th 2000 Concerning the natural protected areas system, natural habitation preservation, wild flora and fauna;
  • EMERGENCY REGULATION nr. 78 from June 16th 2000 Concerning the waste system;
  • LAW nr. 350 from July 6th 2001 Concerning territorial improvement and urbanism (town planning);
  • RESOLUTION nr. 262 from February 22nd 2001 Concerning the approval of methodological directions for the provisional application of Government Emergency Regulation nr.11/2001 concerning some actions for the purchase of non-ferrous metals, alloys and recyclable non-ferrous waste;
  • LAW nr. 192 from April 19th 2001 (*republished*)(**updated**) Concerning living aquatic resources, fishing and aquaculture****) (updated on Mai 12th 2006**);
  • ORDER nr. 860 from September 26th 2002 Approval of the assessing procedure of environmental impact and issue of the environmental agreement;

  • LAW nr. 265 from Mai 15th 2002 For acceptance of amendments to the Basel Convention (1989) concerning the control of transportation of dangerous waste and its disposal across frontiers;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 230 from March 4th 2003 Concerning demarcation of biosphere reservations, national parks and natural parks including administration establishments;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 443 from April 10th 2003 Concerning facilities for electricity production from regenerative energy sources;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 1.076 from July 8th 2004 Concerning establishment of the procedure to accomplish the environmental appreciation for plans and programmes;
  • LAW nr. 138 from April 27th 2004 (*updated*) For territorial improvements (updated on July 24th 2005*);
  • LAW nr. 333 from July 8th 2004 Concerning the approbation of Government Emergency Regulation nr.86/2003 for modification and addition to Law nr.73/2000 regarding the Fund for Environment;
  • LAW nr. 515 from November 23rd 2004 Concerning the approbation of Government Regulation nr.77/2004 for private forest owner’s association encouragement to improve future forestry management;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 349 from April 21st 2005 Concerning waste storage
  • RESOLUTION nr. 523 from June 9th 2005 For the approbation of Government Strategy for internal and external communication concerning Romanian integration in the European Union;
  • EMERGENCY REGULATION nr. 195 from December 22nd 2005 (*updated*) Concerning environmental protection (updated on July 9th 2006*)

  • LAW nr. 89 from April 10th 2006 For modification and addition to Government Emergency Regulation nr.262/2000 concerning procedures to establish the maximum levels of pesticide residues in plants and vegetal products;
  • LAW nr. 265 from June 29th 2006 For the approbation of Government Emergency Regulation nr.195/2005 concerning environmental protection;
  • RESOLUTION nr. 1.213 from September 6th 2006 Concerning the establishment of reference terms for environmental impact appreciation on certain public and private projects;

  • ORDONANTA DE URGENTA nr. 57 din 20 iunie 2007 privind regimul ariilor naturale protejate, conservarea habitatelor naturale, a florei si faunei salbatice ;

  • HOTARARE nr. 1.143 din 18 septembrie 2007 privind instituirea de noi arii naturale protejate ;

  • HOTARARE nr. 1.284 din 24 octombrie 2007 privind declararea ariilor de protectie speciala avifaunistica ca parte integranta a retelei ecologice europene Natura 2000 in Romania ;

  • ORDIN nr. 1.964 din 13 decembrie 2007 privind instituirea regimului de arie naturala protejata a siturilor de importanta comunitara, ca parte integranta a retelei ecologice europene Natura 2000 in Romania ;

  • ORDONANŢĂ DE URGENŢĂ nr. 154 din 12 noiembrie 2008 pentru modificarea şi completarea Ordonanţei de urgenţă a Guvernului nr. 57/2007 privind regimul ariilor naturale protejate, conservarea habitatelor naturale, a florei şi faunei sălbatice şi a Legii vânătorii şi a protecţiei fondului cinegetic nr. 407/2006.
We are able to provide the complete environment legislation as well as the legislation which is directly or indirectly connected to environmental protection.
We can also provide application methodologies, application guidebooks and strategies on how to obtain environmental and structural funds.