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Petrescu Traian
-Environmental Expert-
Individual with EXPERIENCE accredited by The Ministry of Environment and Forests, recorded in “National Register of Elaborators of Environmental Protection Studies” for the next types of studies: R.M., R.I.M., B.M., R.A., and also E.A. and R.S. in collaboration with accredited individuals and corporations.
R.M. – Environmental Report

R.I.M. – Environmental Impact Report

B.M. – Environmental Audit

E.A. – Appropriate Assessment Study

R.A. – Site Report

R.S. – Security Report
The environmental protection studies R.M., R.I.M., B.M., R.A., E.A.,R.S. can be realized for all fields, especially for:
  • – Energetic Industry;
  • – Clean Energies;
  • – Production and Metalworking
  • – Chemical and Petrochemical Industry of Rubber
  • – Alimentary Industry
  • – Waste Management
  • – Infrastructure Projects
  • – Extractive Industry of Oil, Gas, Coal and Peat
  • – Tourism and recreation
  • – Other types of projects
  • Environmental audit for the situation of some lands: buildings decommission / demolition, reconversion of former highly polluting enterprises;
  • Studies and evaluations for depolluting programs in high risk areas;
  • Realisation of intervention centers at Danube – Black Sea etc;
  • Access environmental funds and not only, internally and externally;
  • Consultancy in ENVIROMENTAL JURISDICTION, including implementing rules and guidelines;
  • Studies of Environmental Impact and Environmental Audits of Level I and II;
  • Appropriate Assessment Studies (in collaboration with accredited individuals and corporations);
  • Technical projects of environmental restoration;
  • Monitoring projects of environmental factors;
  • Risk studies;
  • Security reports (in collaboration with accredited individuals and corporations);
  • Site Reports;
  • Studies of social impact assessment and mitigation of social impact plans;
  • Studies for construction of green houses;
  • Studies on the use of unconventional energies;

*Note*: At request. Performed Studies can also be presented in a foreign language such as: English, Russian, French, etc.